Journey to New York

New York is known as the city that never sleeps, filled with everything you could possibly think of. It’s liveliness is definitely a trip worth seeing. But going to New York City could be a little costly and time consuming, so I want to fill you in on some of my travelling secrets. Just take a couple seconds to travel outside of Manhattan, you’ll find affordable things along the way that will take half the wait. Here are some places I visited on my journey that I feel is worth sharing!

Patricia’s, is a restaurant located in the Bronx. Is a small Italian place for either you and your loved one or even a family. It’s a quiet place with extremely kind staff and large tasteful portions, ensuring customers are getting exactly what they paid for.

Another amazing restaurant is Dallas BBQ, this is a place with a large variety. Unique drinks  customization, with quality food that won’t disappoint. This restaurant is located both inside and outside of Manhattan, but regardless of where you are you will never wait over a couple minutes. Customers are invited to choose from their selection of ribs, chicken, steak, fish and more. The have fast service and a maxing selection that is worth every penny.



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