Travels to England

Good evening,

As some of you may notice I enjoy travelling quite a bit. Over the last couple of months I was able to visit various locations within England, and it was a pleasure indeed. In staying there I was able to experience double decker buses, efficient train systems and unique car layouts in comparison to Canada. While I did in fact stay within Brighton, England, the travels throughout became a memorable tourist experience. The cities are all filled with authentic architecture, and great historical explanations associated. I was able to be one of the first to see the uprising of the British Airways i360 as it was near the time of its grand opening, it reminds me of the beautiful CN Tower in Toronto with its admirable city view. In learning more about this beautiful city I’d advise everyone that London is a must see location. In my personal experience I highly enjoyed the tourist tours; where information and site seeing opportunities are always at your disposal. I’d advise others to bring a jacket as their “beautiful” weather isn’t as nice as you’d think, while I was there in the peak summer months it was extremely windy, cool and often raining. But, other than the sudden change in temperature I would definitely go back to England, so I can see many more sites.

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